Virtual Village  is a game which teaches you about indigenous cultures. You chose an Indian avatar (Yanomami, Ashaninka, Xikrin Kayapó, Karajá, Krahô, Matis or Asurini do Xingu) and an animated character to play with. Then you will take part in the life of the village. You can talk to other participants and, at every stage of the game, learn about indigenous cultures. There you can find out about the cultural diversity of indigenous peoples.You can visit two different villages. One is in the Brazilian savannah (or cerrado) and the other is an Yanomami village. There you will find funny games!
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Besides Virtual Village you can play the mini games below!

Dot to dot | Which animal is it?

The drawings of this game were created by Maiua Ikpeng and his students during classes in a ikpeng school. All the images illustrate animals found in Xingu Indigenous Park in the Brazilian state of Mato Grosso.

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A peteca is a kind of shuttlecock hit with the flat of the hand. The word peteca has a Tupi origin. It means “to smack or hit with your hand”. And these days it is the most common name for this toy, played with by children all over Brazil.

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Go fishing!

The Tuyuka men do a lot of fishing. Fish are their main source of protein. They eat more fish than meat.

The Tuyuka have many sorts of fishing equipment. These include timbó, rods for lifting fish out of the water, pens to keep live fish in, and different types of fish traps called matapi, jequi and caiá. They also use industrially-made equipment such as metal hooks and nylon fishing lines.

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Memory game | Villages and houses

Among indigenous peoples there are many different ways to build houses and villages. This is because every group has different ways of thinking about, and of relating to, the environment around them. The houses and villages people live in are part of their cultures.

Find out about them in this game!

Memory game| Plants

Test your memory and know beautiful plants found in Xingu River!